Little Dresses with ElastiCIzed Top

Sewing Instructions


 – 1/3 to 1-1/3 yard of 45 inch wide cotton fabric
 – 2 yards of single or double fold bias tape
 – 13-17 inches of 1/4“ wide elastic
 – Thread
 – Botton & Beads 


1. Cut a fabric rectangle according to the size.

2. Fold the fabric in fourths with the selvage edges together, then the selvage edges together to the center crease.

3. Using the correct arm hole template for the size you are making, place the template on the opposite fold from the center crease and the selvages. Pin and Cut.  


1. Make a lined pocket with two pocket pieces, right sides together.

Sew leaving an opening.

Trim the corners and turn right side out through the opening and iron a flap

2. Sew pocket on to the dress 2 to 3 inches from center crease and middle 1/3 of length of the dress.

3. Iron the seams. 

Top edge : fold 1/4”  and press. Then 1/2” , press.

Bottom edge : fold 1/4” and press. Then 2”, press.


4. Sew selvages together to form back seam. Open the top and hem pressed seams to sew.

5. Sew  hem.

6. Sew elastic casings at the top edges front and back top edges. Make sure the center seams are ironed to one side on the back casing.

7. Sew lace on right side of fabric over casing stitching, allowing extra lace to lap over arm hole edge.

8. Thread elastic through casings front and back. 1/2 inch elastic in allowed to pull through the casing and stitch secure ends.

 Note: Cut two 6” for XS size 2

              Cut two 7” for small size 3 to 5

              Cut two 8” for medium size 6 to 9

              Cut two 9” for large size 10 to 12

9. Finishing arm holes:

– Find the middle of the arm hole. Find the middle of the bias tape. 

– Place the bias tape on the wrong side of the material with the bias open on the closest side to the edge.

– pin and stitch from casing to casing.

– Turn bias to front of material and pin arm hole again.

Sew from edge to edge of bias tape stitching arm hole and secure with back and forth stitching at casing to secure. 


10. Finally, embellish with button and beads.