Daily Meditation  

GT (Ground Tool) 더 깊은 묵상을 위한 묵상도구 



Pleasant Hill (기쁨의 언덕으로)

“Could you not watch with me one hour?” (Mark 26:40)


Intercession Prayers

1. Prayer meditating what we have read.

2. Prayer for our church / Family

3. Prayers for our community/ Friends

4. Prayers for our nation/ World

 Special Prayer Request: 

   We are making Easter Cards to be delivered to our neighbors. Please pray that our Lord God  reclaim his people. 


2022-2024 Bible Reading

Through “To the Pleasant Hill”, we are reading 1-2 chapter everyday that will end reading the whole bible in 3 years.

Dear Lord 주님,

We are…  

           Sitting before you   주님앞에 앉아

           Eating your Word   주님의 말씀을 읽고

           Praying to you 주님께 아뢰며

           Having a fellowship with you. 주님과 교제하기를  원합니다.

Sunday Reading bible meeting @1:30PM 

The Message